About Us

From our humble beginnings as an ice cream mobiler, our dear father worked many long days. Driven by his ambition and desire to succeed, Tubzee ltd is now a globally recognised brand.

What We Stand For

Tubzee defines itself on a number of core values:


Everything we do is underpinned by our passion for quality. We even have our own strict quality control management system which keeps us on track for the highest standards attainable. Quality is embedded within every part of the Tubzee culture including our ‘A Grade’ accreditation achieved from the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Family / Team Spirit

Tubzee industry is seen as a community which is creatively shaped by everyone who works here. Family values and team spirit is the heart of how we operate and everyone is encouraged to play an equal part in the business success and help forge the path to our future. Communication is key to our efficiency and we regularly solicit feedback and implement ideas from everyone within our workforce


Regularly updating our extensive product range with innovative and contemporary flavours ensures that we have something to offer all discerning ice cream connoisseurs!. Innovation is central to our success with new, improved creative combinations always in the pipeline.

Traditional Methods

Although over the years having developed into a mass ice cream producer, We have never lost sight of the traditional manufacturing process. This achievement and our unique competitive advantage is what sets us apart from other mass producers. The secret is in maintaining the genuine taste experience that is lost with other ice cream productions.

Innovative Manufacturing
Kulfi Ice Commercial
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